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I write a quirky fiction series based in Key West. Humorous, with a mystery twist. It has a strong LGBTQ+ element, excellent location, interesting characters, as well as a lot of humor that make it a good fit for a streaming series. I have six books in this series, as well as a spinoff romance, currently in print.

I also write action/adventure Science Fiction. "Fists of Earth" is a first contact story of a cruise ship, along with thirty-five hundred crew and passengers, that is taken by an alien ship. A martial arts movie star and his cast and crew are on board, filming final scenes to his next blockbuster and lead the rebellion against the kidnapping race. There are three book in print in the series, with at least six more planned.

I also have a historical novel taking place during the Greek/Persian Wars era, 325 B.C. that is a first contact story and pits an alien race against the Scythians, a group of Indo-Iranian tribes that held their own against both the Greeks and the Persians throughout history. They are generally acknowledged as the finest archers in history. Their woman fought alongside the men, or even against them at times, and are considered the basis for the Amazon Women mythos. There is one book in print, with plans for at least four more.

I recently retired from over forty-five years of Bookstore Retail Management and/or ownership, and playing and singing classic rock for a living, for almost fifty years.

I was born and raised in Northern Michigan, went to school at Western Michigan University. B.S. Undergraduate degree, with majors in Communications, Ancient Middle Eastern History, minor in Music Theory. Did graduate work in Middle Eastern International Relations. I moved to Gainesville, Florida July 1st, 1979, with no intention of staying there past the holidays. Steady work as a musician and managing a bookstore, as well as meeting my future wife, changed that plan, and I still live in Gainesville.

My "Menu for Murder" Key West books would make an excellent streaming series, as well as my science fiction books. I've written and published five books in the less than three years since I retired, and have no intention of slowing down any time soon.
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