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Diane Akam

Ontario, Canada
I am an award-winning Sheridan College graduate with 20+ years experience as a producer/director/editor for television and corporate clients. Prior to starting my own production company, I worked at television stations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario Canada. I produced and edited the TVOntario documentary Seeing Canada - and edited the OMNI documentary The Last Rite. After 12 more years of promotional/commercial video work, it was the love of weightlifting that sparked a friendship with John Cullen and a return to long form storytelling. I am tremendously proud of It’s Just Parkinson’s - my first feature length documentary.

I'm looking for distribution opportunities for "It's Just Parkinson's" - any way for a wider audience to be inspired by John Cullen and learn about the power of mindset over adversity.

I'm also a gym rat and am addicted to dark chocolate and espresso. Hit me up if you know where to find both in Saint Petersburg!